Free Social Media Tools for Content Curation


As community manager for Clarity Consultants, there are a number of tools that I use to help manage the flood of information I encounter every day. Many of these tools that I use for community management can also easily be used for content curation for L&D practitioners. Here are my favorites:

Google Reader- Use for: Subscribing to blogs and other RSS feeds. I like Google Reader because I can conveniently read updates from all of my favorite blogs each morning—it’s like having my own custom newspaper.

Evernote- Use for: Bookmarking urls and categorizing by topic. I would be lost without Evernote. It’s the curation tool I use daily to save all of the online articles that I either want to read or refer to later. And with its tagging feature, I can separate out what’s pertinent to my job from articles of personal interest that I might want to read over the weekend.

Delicious- Use for: Storing and categorizing urls. There are certain websites that I like to visit daily, and Delicious allows me to keep those urls in one convenient place. I’ve been saving my most-visited websites into “stacks,” which I understand will soon go away and will be replaced by tags, so I’ll still have my urls categorized but in a different format. Use for: Publishing stories on a specific topic. Delicious and Evernote are effective tools for gathering your urls and is the tool to publish your information into a cohesive format. Using is like publishing your own online magazine (without the advertisements).

Pinterest- Use for: Searching for and saving graphic-heavy information. I use Pinterest to find and “pin” infographics and other interesting bits of information that attract me visually that I might not otherwise find. Pinterest could also be used for reading lists or to showcase your work in an online portfolio. Plus, Pinterest is fun! Using Pinterest is more like playing than working, even if you are being productive.

Storify- Use for: Compiling social media posts. With Storify I can collect posts from social media channels, including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and Google+, and assemble them into a cohesive story. It’s an effective way to cover an event, such as a chat on Twitter, etc.

These are some of my favorite tools to use for curation….what are yours? Please share in comments.



  • Tom George


    I am the founder of Internet Billboards, we are building an online community of content curators. My favorite tool for curating right now is

  • Mike Taylor

    I love buffer Great way to queue up your tweets and space them out over time. Integrates with most of these either directly , via email and/or is great for thieving these and others together too!

    • cweselby

      Mike, thanks for the tip!

  • Mark Tilly

    You might check out MyCurator, a WordPress plugin at MyCurator is a complete content curation platform with a unique AI feed reader that learns to find just the content you want. Free for bloggers and individuals at the WordPress plugin repository too.

  • Dj

    Great tip. I have tried MyCurator before and it works very well.

  • James Watson

    Using tools such as “Google Alerts” certainly helps us to keep us notified and keep track of the right topic all the time.